The Exec

We’re the exec. You’ll see us at most socials, probably drunk. We’re good people. 


President: Morfudd Owen

morfudd-welshsoc-photoHi! I’m Morfudd, president of Welsh Soc and I study English Literature and Creative Writing. I’m from Anglesey (the tea pot shaped island at the top) but in case you’re wondering, yes we do say “I’ll do it now in a minute” up north too.

My favourite memory with Welsh Soc has got to be the drunken Eisteddfod, complete with free hand dragon drawing competitions and standing on chairs singing Calon Lân ❤

Welsh Soc’s plan for this year is simple: being bigger and better than ever! Welsh Soc is a home from home for us Welshies, a place where you can bond over welsh cakes and a mutual love of Gavin and Stacey. Welsh Soc is for all so bring your friends so that they can experience the amazingness of being Welsh and possibly dress up like the welsh dragon from time to time…
Croeso i Gymdeithas Gymraeg Warwig / Welcome to Warwick’s Welsh Society!


Secretary: Vicky Vale

vicky-welshsoc-photoShw’mae! My name is Vicky Vale and I’m a second year from Pontardawe studying biological sciences.

I’ll be taking the role of secretary this year

My favourite memories of Welsh soc last year definitely have to be the Welsh soc circling at pop, and of course the epic eisteddfod in Kelsey’s.

I’m really looking forward to what this next year holds (hopefully lots of singing, drinking and saluting sir Tom), and I’m looking forward to meeting all our new members!




Treasurer: Lauren Buckmaster

lauren-welshsoc-photoShw’mae pawb, I’m Lauren and I’m your Welsh Soc Treasurer for this year! I’m from Swansea, who’re better at football than the capital … I study law (yes, I’m that annoying know it all but no, I don’t live in the library).

I’ll never forget my first Santes Dwynwen meal with the society, I felt instantly at home and at ease with everyone. It was bliss not having people poking at my accent for a few hours and speaking in Welsh too!

This year I really hope we can take the society from strength to strength, and I hope to not bankrupt us from over-buying welsh cakes…


Language Co-ordinator: Leanne Ward

leanne-welshsoc-photoHello! My name is Leanne Ward and I am a second year English and Theatre Studies student from Swansea.

This year I will be the society’s Language Co-Ordinator.

My favourite memory from being a part of the Welsh Society over the past year has definitely been our rugby trips to Kelsey’s and the end of year BBQ where, in true Welsh style, we didn’t let the rain dampen our spirits!

I’m really excited to hold some Welsh lessons throughout the year for beginners and those of you who wish to continue speaking the language whilst at university. I looking forward to meeting you all! Diolch!


Co-Social Sec: Lewis Mitchell

lewis-welshsoc-photoAlright butt?! I’m Lewis and I’m one of this year’s Welsh Society’s Social Secs!

I was born in Cardiff but unfortunately now live in Newport (tragic, I know)…

I’m a second year studying history and I hope that this year will packed with memorable socials! Shaun and I have got a lot planned and hope all of you are looking forward to your time in Welsh Soc!

My favourite memory in Welsh Soc is the eisteddfod which hopefully this year will be just as good, if not better!


Co-Social Sec: Shaun Malloy

shaun-welshsoc-photoAight? I’m Shaun, I’m the other social sec, I’m from Cardiff, and I’m in my second year of chemistry.
The best memory from WelshSoc, is from the England v Wales six nations match, it was the last 10 minutes, and we were electric. We had what seemed (and ultimately was) an insurmountable mountain of points to climb, but with each minute we were racking them up. In our little corner of Kelseys, we went from this forlorn corner of welsh flags and rugby tops, to this incredibly tense, to this ecstatic shambles of people standing and cheering up until the final whistle blew.
We’ve got a lot of great events planned, and I can’t wait to see you at one of our curry nights or to watch some of the November tests in Kelseys.


Publicity Officer: Ewan Thomas

ewan-welshsoc-photoShw’mae pawb, I’m Ewan from Maesteg, Bridgend (a.k.a. the heart of the Valleys, and yes I do know someone from the TV show)

I’m this year’s Publicity Officer, so I’ll be keeping a watchful eye over the Twitter (@WelshSoc_) and the website ( Hopefully this year I can keep the Twitter followers rolling in, and maybe even attract some new members through the power of social media!

My favourite WelshSoc memory is that time when the person reading this followed @WelshSoc_ on Twitter… What? You haven’t done that yet? Well hurry up and get on it, because I don’t like being let down…





President/Kim Jong Un: Hemma Gittins


Shw’mae pawb! I’m Hemma and I’m the Welsh Soc president this year. I’m from Wrexham in North Wales, and in my third year at Warwick studying English.
Moving from Wales to England for university is a really big adjustment (no matter how close to the border you are!), and getting involved with Welsh Soc has been a lovely way to stave off any homesickness during my time at uni. Whether it’s hearing drunken versions of the national anthem on a night out, brushing up on your GCSE Welsh at the weekly Welsh lessons, or just having some mates to watch the Six Nations with, your Welsh Soc friends will always make you feel a little closer to our glorious homeland!
If you have any queries about Welsh Soc or suggestions for events, socials, or anything you’ve seen that might be of interest to the society, please don’t hesitate to drop me a Facebook message or email through the Warwick email system, we’d love to hear from you!

Secretary/’do you have your paperwork mike wazowski’?: Cari Lake

cari webHaving been brought up in the wild wild west of Wales, it really was like moving to a different country when I first arrived at Warwick, but WelshSoc immediately reassured me that my accent would not stick out – and that my enthusiasm for the free plastic bags at Tescos is justified.
I joined in my first year as I knew I’d need company to watch the rugby in England (and a sympathetic support network if needed!). Now that I’m in my final year, I can safely say that ours is one of the most welcoming and friendly societies; I now regard the WelshSoc family as good friends and can’t wait to meet our new batch of Welshies in September.

Language Co-ordinator/good with tongues: Morfudd Owen

Morfudd is from Anglesey/’Ynys Môn’ (she told me on the bus one time, i’m really surprised I remember that). Anything else after this may or may not be the truth. Morfudd has always been proficient in Welsh, given that she’s probably related to Owain Glyndwr somehow, and could likely get a sweet gig on S4C if she didn’t devote her time to her beloved Welshsoc. I mean, who wouldn’t want to do an episode of ‘Pobl y Cwm’, cover ‘Y Sioe’ or do the legendary Welsh dub of Spongebob, ‘Spynjbob Pantsgwâr’? That she hasn’t taken up these inevitable opportunities really shows how prestige she is in Welshsoc. And now that we’ve got her doing the language stuff (including the famous/infamous ((bi)weekly welsh class), we’re all probably going to be getting mad bursaries from the Welsh government (llywodraeth cymru, i know that one!!). So here’s to Morfudd, for having mad skills in old celtic languages, and a befittingly cryptic name for anyone who didn’t watch Little Britain and clock that ‘dd’ sounds like ‘th’. We love you Mor-futhhh.

Treasurer/rollin’ in dolla: Rhys Jones

Rhys is something else. He’s been our treasurer before, so i’ve got every confidence that we won’t go bankrupt, unlike a certain american rapper who’s monetary value in dollars equates to 33p here in blighty. I’ve only met him like once or twice, and I think he’s from Swansea, given he likes Swansea Town F.C. (why else would you support Swansea if you weren’t from there? If it’s for their kit you might as well support Tottenham… in fact, on second thought, don’t support Tottenham). They’re actually pretty good. They got that black bloke (Gomis, I think?) who crawls on the ground after scoring goals. He’s a madting. But I digress. Rhys is a guy who knows his shiz. He’s getting pretty good at learning and using Croydon slang too. He’s probably at a B1 level in the Common European Framework for Languages in Croydonspeak. He’s also a bit of a joker. If you read his old bio, you can just gauge that he’s a guy you want to be around at parties (no sarcasm). I’m pretty sure we’ll have a few of those (parties, not Rhys’s, there’s only one of him, so keep him intact ladies). And we’ll invite Rhys so you can chat to him. But me first, because I need the social interaction. You my boy Rhys.

Co-Social Sec/career drunk: Molly Russell

I think like the majority of the Exec I’ve only met Molly once or twice. (If I have met her more times I’ll feel like a right div, honestly, I’m bad at remembering names, faces, details, so on and so forth). But I tell you what, she’s going to smash it as a social sec along with partner-in-crime Zoe. Just for the exec as a whole, I don’t really know some of these people very well, so I don’t want to say anything that might offend or cause awkwardness down the line. But at the same time I don’t want to leave a lackluster placeholder because, in this case, Molly deserves better (and she deserves better always, obviously). That having been said, she followed me on twitter not a while ago, and I think really this is the start of an enduring friendship. Honesty, I only have 26 followers, so this has been a real boost for my self-esteem. And frankly anybody who does French Studies and English (I think I remember that one, maybe) whilst also campaigning for social things with the WASS (had to check your twitter profile, sorry for not being a good friend here) is a pretty sound figure, hein? This is all before mentioning that she brought a mound of coleslaw and burger buns to the Welshsoc BBQ. And the way to my heart is through my stomach (apart from a cardiac vivisection), and coleslaw is the first thing I’d want in there. Really, is there any party without Molly? In my humble opinion, no there is not.

Co-Social Sec/professional alcoholic: Zoe Walker

Zoe is the other social sec – I don’t mean ‘other’ as in ‘less important’, because the relationship between the social secs (and the rest of the exec to be honest) is symbiotic, and any ascription of superior/inferior roles to the exec (apart from the almighty president, hail) is a hierarchy, and we don’t like hierarchies. We’re friendly and egalitarian (mostly, except when it comes to food intake, in which case dibs on everything at socials). Anyway, Zoe is from Newbridge (I had to look this up, again, soz). Wikipedia says that Newbridge is called ‘Trecelyn’ in Welsh. And here’s me being a tit thinking it’d just be called ‘Pontnewydd’. It’s a population of 6,000 apparently, but I think Zoe’s probably the best thing to come out of the town since Joe Calzaghe (he came from Newbridge? Alright, that’s cooler than I anticipated). But even though we suffered a minor setback when she found out that I live in ends (i.e. croydon, ergo, not Wales – it’s not about living IN wales, Zoe, it’s about the Welshness IN you), and she proceeded called me ‘Felsh’ (‘fake welsh’), this was quickly remedied by her having also got the coleslaw and buns at the BBQ, and being a generally wonderful person. I’m really looking forward to parties under Molly/Zoe’s leadership because of this past experience. If they ran a party company, I would highly recommend it for casual functions for 18-25 year-olds.

Publicity & Comms/basement-dwelling computer neckbeard: Sam Blurton

profile pic

Hey, I’m Sam, I do publicity and computer things for Welshsoc. Outside that, I’m doing French and Spanish in 2nd year. Being from the quaint Welsh town of… Croydon, I know how it is to deal with roadmen, dealers shifting booky zoots, and riots on a daily basis.
Irrelevant, but all the Welshness is on the inside. I’m like a bastion of Welshness outside the (G)wlad. No questions.
I run most of the online things, so hit me up on FB or Twitter if you need anything. Including translation of croydonspeak.


Position: Co-President

Name: Charlotte Fletcher CHARLOTTE PICTURE

Hey everyone, I’m Charlotte and a third year Maths student (I like to think non-stereotypical..). Being a devoted WelshSoc attendee from day one and Social Sec last year, I’m really excited to be your President for the next year alongside Nia. We’re planning on bringing a lot of events – nights out, patriotic socials watching the Six Nations and a tour your way this year so make sure you watch this space! I’m also Publicity Officer for Good Food Society this year, trying to make the most of my last but hopefully best year at Warwick!


Position: Co-President

Name: Nia Helyar1521547_10202446579597415_2103537061_n

Hi, I’m Nia and I’m president of welsh society along with Charlotte! I’m from Cardiff and I’m 20 years old! I study psychology and am in my 3rd year at warwick. I was social secretary last year and it was a great year and we had so much fun!! Welsh society is a great opportunity to meet with other people on campus who are patriotic about Wales and anybody else who wants to join! We have a number of great events and opportunities throughout the year and we are so excited to meet all of you in September! CYMRU AM BYTH!


Position: Secretary

Name: Jeannie Corfield 10294509_10152346082144098_3508413720162862555_n

I’m a French and History 4th year from Pontypool, Torfaen.I’ve been a member of Welsh Soc since the beginning, and I can say truthfully that I’ve found it to be the friendliest and most welcoming society I’ve been involved with. During my time as Speakers Coordinator in second year, Welsh soc became not merely a society but a great group of friends, and much fun was had at the various curry nights, film nights, Welsh lessons and other events. I was very keen to stand for the exec again this year as I knew that while I had been away on my year abroad the current team had been working to make the society even better, and I hope we can continue that this year!

Position: Treasurer

Name: Rhys Jones RHYS PICTURE

Shwmae, I’m Rhys and I’m your friendly neighbourhood treasurer. As a second year maths student, you can rest assured that your membership fees are in a numerically safe pair of hands. Outside of Welsh Soc, I am an avid supporter of Swansea City FC and spend my Thursday nights rehearsing with the University Big Band. I cannot recommend Welsh Soc enough – it helped me get over the unexpected culture shock of living in England and it’s always lovely to be around people whose eyes won’t think that you’re choking when you tell them your address.

Position: Co-Social Secretary

Name: Hemma Gittins 

Hiya, I’m Hemma from North Wales (Wrexham but don’t judge me for it just yet..) and I study English Literature here at Warwick – although you’re more likely to find me in the pub than holed up in a book in the library. Like any Welsh girl, my hobbies include the rugby (if not only to stare at Mike Phillips’ bum) and drunkenly singing Calon Lân in the back of a cab, as well as playing guitar and obsessing over my cat. I joined a few societies in my first year and Welsh Soc was immediately my favourite! There’s a really friendly atmosphere in the group which makes the socials great fun so we can’t wait to see some new faces. This year I’m sharing the role of Social Secretary with Elysha, my fellow Wrexhamite in Warwick, so expect plenty of circling socials and nights out as well as chilled nights in the curry house or films and pizza. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Position: Co-Social Secretary

Name: Elysha Cookson10595890_10152146362872434_1245828371_n

Hello, I’m Elysha, I am one of the social secretaries and I’m in my second year studying Theatre and Performance Studies. I like having fun and just want to create and maintain a welsh society where new friendships can flourish and ensure that we all have a laugh!



Position: IT and Publicity Officer

Name: Carrie Evans10409602_10204477150792499_1433680416383827967_n

Hiya I’m Carrie and I’m from Swansea. I’m a Second Year History student and I love Welsh Soc! I was hesitant to join Welsh Soc at the beginning of my first year and that was a mistake. I wish I had joined Welsh Soc sooner as it is one of the best things I’ve done at University. The people are lovely and the socials are banging. You don’t think it but it is so nice to hang out with fellow Welsh people!! I love to go out and have fun and Welsh Soc is a great place to do that! I’m a massive Rugby fan and YES I do know all the rules! Favourite player is Leigh Halfpenny and my claim to fame is he went to my primary school and my comprehensive school! Go Swansea!!! Welsh Soc is a place where people feel like they can relax and have a good time! You definitely don’t want to miss out on that!!

Position: Language Co-Ordinator

Name: Cari Lake1044147_10152536253924137_4537615129700533729_n

Having been brought up in the wild wild west of Wales, it really was like moving to a different country when I first arrived at Warwick, and I was worried that my accent would stick out horribly – not to mention my enthusiasm for the free plastic bags at Tescos. However, socialising with WelshSoc really gave me the respite I needed from the inevitable accent-imitating and Gavin & Stacey jokes… (prepare yourselves, freshers!). I’m a sociable and outgoing person, so joining WelshSoc was a real no-brainer for me, especially because I knew I’d need company to watch the rugby with in England (and a sympathetic support network if needed!). At the end of my first year, I now regard the WelshSoc family as good friends (we really are a lovely bunch!) and can’t wait to meet our new batch of Welshies in September. Hwyl am y tro


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