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Throughout the 30 weeks of term at Warwick, WelshSoc plays host to many social events a.k.a. excuses to get absolutely Merthyr Mortal.



WelshSoc will be at the Societies Fair on Wednesday 5th October, so come and say hi! If you’re early enough and we like you then maybe you can have a special Welsh treat… (that sounds lowkey weird but it’s probably gonna be a Welsh Cake lets be honest)





There’s the annual Eisteddfod to look forward to, but it’s not just the traditional singing and dancing you’re used to (although they are both still involved obvs). Come along on March 1st (probably) to see what WelshSoc’s twist on the Welsh festival. Will ‘Team GoGoGoch’ retain the Sir Tom Jones Trophy, and can a new challenger rise to victory?




If you’re coming to Warwick then pretty soon, a circle will no longer be just a shape to you, and purple will no longer just be a colour. Last year, WelshSoc held a ‘Shepards and Sheep’ themed circle, and it got rather messy by the time POP! kicked off, so prepare yourself for plenty more of that in the 2016/17 season.




Also we have frequent Curry Nights and the extra special (and extra romantic for any members who happen to be single) Diwrnod Santes Dwynwen Meal in January. It’s pretty banging.

WelshSoc tries to run a tour to Wales each year, interest depending. That, and most of WelshSoc live in Wales anyway, so we have to find exciting events that stand out from just regular holiday meetups. A few years ago we did England v. Wales in Cardiff, and there have been talks of a trip to Bounce Below….


Follow the WelshSoc Twitter & look out on Facebook for more regular updates.


Previous Years

For all the latest news on upcoming socials, make sure you join the society on the SU website here to be added to the mailing list, and join our Facebook Group. Our Facebook group also contains any photos taken at our events!

Because most of Wales love Rugby there is a proposed tour to CARDIFF to watch the biggest rugby game of the year…… ENGLAND VS WALES. On the 6th of February, it is the opening of the Six Nations and the atmosphere will be fantastic!!! The Tour will cost roughly £70, but the price may go up as it is too early to know train and accommodation prices. We’ll aim to keep it under £100 and also depending on when train times are available, we would like to book accommodation and trains for tour immediately after our week 6 social. Everyone is invited and it would be FANTASTIC to see lots of you lovely people on the trip!! 

Term One Socials have been agreed by our lovely Social Secs Elysha and Hemma. 

The First Social will be on Tuesday of Week 3! We will all be meeting on Campus so no worry about getting lost! Additionally, everyone is new so it will be a great ice-breaker! We will then be heading into Leamington’s nightclub Smack. 

The Next social will be in Week 6, it will be a Pizza and Film night on Campus! A chilled environment to watch films and eat! What could be better!! This will be when we will booking the Welshsoc Tour, so if you want to come you must come then!!! (Plus it will be fun! ) 

To end the first term off, there will be a Christmas Fancy Dress Bar Crawl in Leamington! This will be in Week 10 and is the PERFECT way to round the first term off! 


We the Welsh love two things more than anything else, going to the pub, and watching the rugby.  Welsh Soc LOVES Rugby!  There are a few games in term one but Luckily for us, in term 2 the 6 nations comes around, and we have the opportunity to do both! here are a list of fixtures for 2014/2015:

Autumn Internationals: 

8/11/14 – Wales vs Australia- 2.30pm 

15/11/14 – Wales vs Fiji- 2.30pm

22/11/14 – Wales vs New Zealand- 5.30pm

29/11/14 – Wales vs South Africa-2.30pm

6 Nations

6/2/15 – Wales vs England- 8.05pm (PROPOSED TOUR) 

15/2/15 – Wales vs Scotland-3pm

28/2/15 – Wales vs France-6pm

14/3/15 – Wales vs Ireland-2.30pm 

21/3/15 – Wales vs Italy-1.30pm

We have a proposed tour to go and see the BIGGEST, THE BADDEST AND THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME OF THE SIX NATIONS! The one game which will give us the ability to brag to English students. 


As seen above the date for this match is the 6/2/14, if you lovely people have reading week… this is the Friday it starts on! We plan to watch the game and have a night out in Cardiff! The perfect Welsh Night out! The prices and exact itinerary are being confirmed at the moment but when they are finalised they will be on here and people will be able to book their places!  


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