Welshsoc 2015

Hey Pawb,

Welshsoc is gearing up for another year, and we’re well hyped.

We’ve got a new look (logos and hoodies!), a veteran exec with fresh faces, and we’re actually updating this page since last year!

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at the Fresher’s Fair, and most importantly, going out and meeting the tîm.

Hemma’s reign of terror starts, but we’re sure it’ll be a benevolent tyranny. Cari will help her, and do propaganda in Welsh to keep everybody subordinate happy.

Molly and Zoe will keep spirits up in another way. They’ll run socials and ensure the booze flows, and a steady stream of embarrasing pics of Welshsoc’s finest will keep us all on the same level.

Morfudd will make sure everybody does their bit to help keep the old language alive (‘O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau’) (it’s in ‘Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’, I looked it up).

Rhys will help us finance the neverending parties (as well as providing his own brand of Rhysy banter), and I (Sam, thank you), will keep people updated on this hopefully-not-a-train-wreck exec (or ‘trainwrexec’ if you will)

But we need your help. Everyone in Welshsoc, join us for parties and socials! Come to our Welsh classes! Join in on social media! We’re a good bunch, and we all need to support each other – think of Welshsoc as your home away from home. Your ‘Cartref’ on Campus.

All the best.



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