WelshSoc 2016/17

Shwmae Welsh people of Warwick,

WelshSoc welcomes you to this year with the most open of arms you’ll ever come across outside of the homeland. A society fuelled by rugby, beer, Welsh lessons, purple and a bizarre yet surprising tasty red version of Eliminator. (If you aren’t familiar with the last two items on the list, come to WelshSoc and you certainly will be by the time this year is up, trust me)

The new year means a new Exec, and this time we have a BEWTIFUL squad who have a very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired through regularly attending WelshSoc socials. Skills that make them a great Exec for people like you. (Basically they can down pints faster than you can say George Creasy and organise a stonking good sesh)

We have Morfudd as our #Pres. She has WelshSoc Exec experience so she deffo knows what it takes to make WelshSoc even better than last year. #MakeWelshSocGreatAgainMorfuddEvenThoughItAlwaysHasBeenGreat

Lauren is our Treasurer, so we can finally spend all of our money on Welsh Cake mixture (seriously though, please don’t bankrupt WelshSoc)

Our new Secretary is Vicky, which means members can rely on there being regular WelshSoc updates via email. I’ve just realised how difficult it is to make the role of Secretary seem interesting, so I’ll just leave that up to Vicky.

Lewis and Shaun are taking up the role of Social Secs, so get practising your 20+1 and ways to describe your blodyn. #IfYouKnowYouKnow

And if you’re struggling with this, then how about trying out the weekly Welsh lessons with the fabulous Leanne. More than proficient in the Mother Tongue, she will definitely help you feel less guilty about knowing none of your native language, you shameful being.

Then there’s yours truly, Ewan, here to keep the Twitter (@WelshSoc_) and Website (welshsoc.co.uk) fire, with Society updates, drunken stories from the Valleys and general nonsense.

BUUUUUT, WelshSoc wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for our BEWTIFUL members, so if any of this sounds good to you, sign up using the tab above and show your face, whether it be once or every single week.

With rugby games to watch, Welsh to learn, barbecues and circles to be had, and an Eisteddfod to drink our way through, we can’t wait to share this year with everyone!


Your WelshSoc Exec











Welshsoc 2015

Hey Pawb,

Welshsoc is gearing up for another year, and we’re well hyped.

We’ve got a new look (logos and hoodies!), a veteran exec with fresh faces, and we’re actually updating this page since last year!

We’re looking forward to meeting everyone at the Fresher’s Fair, and most importantly, going out and meeting the tîm.

Hemma’s reign of terror starts, but we’re sure it’ll be a benevolent tyranny. Cari will help her, and do propaganda in Welsh to keep everybody subordinate happy.

Molly and Zoe will keep spirits up in another way. They’ll run socials and ensure the booze flows, and a steady stream of embarrasing pics of Welshsoc’s finest will keep us all on the same level.

Morfudd will make sure everybody does their bit to help keep the old language alive (‘O bydded i’r hen iaith barhau’) (it’s in ‘Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’, I looked it up).

Rhys will help us finance the neverending parties (as well as providing his own brand of Rhysy banter), and I (Sam, thank you), will keep people updated on this hopefully-not-a-train-wreck exec (or ‘trainwrexec’ if you will)

But we need your help. Everyone in Welshsoc, join us for parties and socials! Come to our Welsh classes! Join in on social media! We’re a good bunch, and we all need to support each other – think of Welshsoc as your home away from home. Your ‘Cartref’ on Campus.

All the best.


Shw Mae! 

The past year has been extremely busy for the University of Warwick’s Welsh Society. From rugby games to BBQs, this year has been llawer o hwyl! When the next academic year starts this part of the website will be used to display info about socials etc but for now it is just an insight into our society and the fun we have had in the last year! The society is filled with a range of people who are all fun loving and friendly. There are things to accommodate everyone from nights out to meals in the Dirty Duck! Going to an English University if you are from Wales is a big step even though it doesn’t seem like one!  The best way to fill the void is to come and socialise with people who know exactly what you are going through and also to hear a familiar accent!!